Dashboard - Getting to Know and Setting Up

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The Dashboard is a panel of indicators containing compiled information in a single location and is updated in real time.

Using the Dashboard enables:

Better data organization, providing a strategic view of topics and brands.

More confidence for decision making.

Detection of crises before they happen.

Understanding of the most commented topics, management of the Social team and in-depth monitoring of competitors.

Customers with access to the Dashboard can view it by clicking the corresponding button next to the MENTIONS menu.

Important information:

  • The user must be logged in to Scup and within a monitoring operation.
  • The dashboard displayed corresponds to the monitoring operation to which the user is logged in on Scup.
  • Only the master email for the account can be used to set up the Dashboard.
  • Once set up, everyone with access to monitoring can view the information.

You can now set up the Dashboard to show monitoring information, comparisons, or customer care.

How to set up the Dashboard

Access the monitoring operation.

Click the "dashboard" button.

The top bar shows the name of the monitoring operation whose information appears on the Dashboard, as well as the Settings button (which is only accessible to the master email for the account).

What configurations are available?

You can now view Dashboards based on specific tags and keep up to five different templates to be displayed at random.

You can choose the panel you want to display on the Dashboard. The following panels are available:


You choose which monitoring operation to show on the Dashboard and can also choose whether you want to see information from all collected mentions (all tags) or whether you only want to see information for specific tagged mentions.

Important: you can choose to view information about mentions that have at least one tag OR another tag, or information about mentions that have at least one tag AND another tag.

In this example, a Dashboard template has been chosen that will show information about monitoring mentions that have at least the Acessórios - Fone de ouvido tag OR the Acessórios - Carregador tag. The following mentions would be chosen for display on the Dashboard:

All mentions must have at least one of the chosen tags to appear in the Dashboard template.

In this example, in addition to the template above, a second template is displayed with mentions that have at least the Acessorios - Fone de ouvido tags OR Acessorios - Carregador In other Mentions that would be chosen for display on the Dashboard.

You can also choose monitoring comparison templates, selecting which monitoring operations you want to compare and whether to compare using tags or not.

The following example shows a dashboard set up with four templates.

The first will show the selected monitoring template and mentions with ANY OF THE SELECTED TAGS.

The second template will show mentions with ALL SELECTED TAGS.

The third template will show information about customer care and service.

The fourth template will show a dashboard that compares information in the selected monitoring operations.

The fifth template is blank in this example.

If you have any questions, please contact us at suporte@scup.com