Understanding Your Plan

Scup Educate

Scup Social is available through plans offering the same functionalities.

The difference between each plan is in the volume of the following three variables:

  • The number of items collected.
  • The number of fans / followers.
  • The number of client attendants.

See what makes up a plan in Scup Social:

Unlimited resources

Monitoring: A project in which you observe, analyze and inspect a subject (brand, product or people).

Searches: a search for keywords, links or expressions in a specific social network.

Rules: functionality that refines searches and automates actions.

Accounts: social media account registration in Scup Social (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Instagram).

Training and customer support: each plan includes assistance from our team in providing training and customer support.

Variable resources according to your plan

Items: A monitored item is a result provided by the searches registered by the user, such as a captured tweet, a mention on Facebook, a photo on Instagram, etc. We also refer to items as mentions.

Fans and Followers: the number of users that follow your accounts registered in Scup Social.

Client Attendants: the number of collaborators who have permission to reply via Scup Social. 

I understand the variables.



The date on which the plan began.

Every month, on the anniversary day, the plan is renewed. So let’s assume that your plan is to collect a thousand items per month and the anniversary is the 12th of each month.

At midnight on the 12th, your plan is reset and the countdown is resumed again until the 11th.

Item Limit

The limit for the collection of items. The items are the mentions collected within Scup Social, based on the searches configured within each monitoring. 

When the plan reaches the limit for the number of items that can be collected in the month, it stops automatically.  This means that searches are paused until the plan is released.

The plan is released and returns to collecting when the following actions occur:

- A deletion of items from the current period (from the previous anniversary to the current date);

- A plan upgrade.

Whatever the action, it’s important to remember that as long as the plan remains at the limit, no mentions will be collected.

Fan limit

To be able to publish on social media through Scup Social, you need to register your Facebook fanpage, Twitter account, Instagram or Google+ pages. When you connect these accounts, Scup will ask whether or not you want to consume the fans from these accounts.

What is fan consumption?

Fan consumption is not required, however, signing up for fan-consuming accounts will give you metrics that can take your own publications to another level.

Click here to learn more about Posts Analysis on Scup Social.

When the number of fans or followers in your channels is within your limit, you'll be able to access all available post analysis tools and your monitoring will show that the accounts are "running."

Your own posts will be saved in Scup along with the activity information that is produced, such as in the example below, which gives the number of likes, shares, comments, and reach.

And when my fan limit is reached?

When your fan limit is reached, you’ll no longer be able to analyze what happens to your own posts and monitoring will show that the accounts have been "stopped".


This limit only influences analysis of your own posts.

Your posts will be shown without updating activities, as shown below.

*When you remove an account from Scup Social, the limit on its consumption is only "returned" at the next anniversary.

Client Attendant Limit

You can invite collaborators to participate in your monitoring by setting access permission levels.

From the "classifier" level and up, you can give attendants user access permission.

The attendant is then allowed to respond to mentions via the platform.

Each plan has its own specific number of attendants.

When removing an attendant do not forget to remove them from all monitoring. Attendants given this permission, even if not yet registered following the invitation, are already accounted for in the plan.

If you have any questions, please contact us at support@scup.com