Saved replies in Social Customer: agility for your service

Considering optimize the service in social networks and reduce the response time to the user, Scup just made available the option to create and saved replies in the tool.

This way, brands can work faster, gaining efficiency for the operation, and take advantage of this option to have a service that follows the registered guidelines.

See below the detailed instructions to register replies and use them on your daily operation.

Creating and saving an answer

To register a reply, just go to Settings > Tickets > Add reply.


Within the form, to add a reply, you must fill in the title and text of the message, and customize it with the options Username and Operator name. With this customization set, when using the saved reply, the tool will automatically fill in these fields.

Then just choose the social networks to which these replies will be used and add the reply.


Using saved replies

At the time of service, in the Mentions or Tickets tab, just click the saved replies button and select which one you want to use. Remember that you can still make changes to the replies before sending it.


Which social network is it possible to register replies to?

You can register a reply to all social networks integrated with Scup's Social Customer: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Who can register and use the answers in monitoring?

Managing the saved replies will only be available to employees with manager or administrator permission. To use saved replies, the employee must have operator permission.

How large are the replies I can create?

Your replies can be up to 1000 characters, however, some social networks have limits of characters lower than the allowed in the registration of saved replies.

Please note closely the character limit for each network, if you want to deliver the message to one specific. Anyway, at the time of publication you can edit the text of the reply following the rules of each social network.

How will the username be filled?

If you chose the customization option when registering a saved reply, Scup will automatically fill in the username following the pattern of each network. That is, to Facebook and Google+ using the name and to Instagram and Twitter, using @username.

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