News on Scup: Interaction with users and customer service on Instagram

News on Scup: Interaction with users and customer service on Instagram

The social network that grew the most in recent times has much engaged profiles, which makes the interaction between brands and users a challenge. To help improve the relationship inside Instagram, Scup has just released the option to reply and provide support via Scup.

Besides engaging and answering users, with Social Costumer Care you can create tickets, prioritize cases, as well as track metrics and results of operation. Therefore, who uses Scup can integrate social media to customer service and centralize the work in the main Brazilian networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+) in only one place.

See below how to interact with users and implement Instagram in the Tickets tab. 


Step 1: connecting your account

To be able to reply and interact with users on Instagram, first register your account in Scup in Settings > Accounts > Add new account > Instagram.


Step 2: creating searches

The option to interact and create a ticket goes for the results of the three search types on Instagram. See below what are the search types:

a) Profile: here you can collect pictures and comments of open profiles e your own profile

b) Tags: with this search, you can collect pictures that users published with the registered tag.

c) Location: with this search, you can collect images published everywhere, such as events, stores or establishments.


Step 3: replying a mention

To reply a mention, just click the button Reply like the button below

Step 4: creating a ticket

When a case is liable to service, the Social Customer in Instagram works just as in other social networks. Just click the option to create a ticket and it will enter the service flow.

Step 5: following the performance

In the menus Replies to mentions and Tickets, in Reports, you can follow the result of your interactions and your customer service's performance, checking the SLA and average response time.


Additional information

Who can reply to a mention?

Any user who has permission to support a monitoring with a registered account on Instagram.

How is it possible to interact?

Any user with public profile, and it is also possible to communicate with a private profile if there is a connection with the account registered on Scup.

What are the limitations to reply on Instagram?

The limitations inside Scup are the same as in any other social network:

  • More than 300 caracters
  • More than 4 hashtags
  • More than 1 external link
  • Text only with capital letters


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