Listening Instagram profiles using Scup

In addition to searching by hashtags, personal profile and location, now Scup can help you listen public profiles on Instagram by collecting photos posted and all of the comments on the most recent photos.

Check out the step by step tutorial below on how to use this new search. 

Creating searches

At Searches > Add new search > Instagram > Profile, you can conduct searches on your own profile or on other profiles. But, in order to do so, you must register an Instagram account.

After authorizing the Instagram account, you can determine whether you would like to search the registered profile or another one.


To select another profile, simply add the name of the public profile, wait for the account to be verified and then add the search.

Collected mentions

Conducting searches on profiles collects all posts and all comments made in the most recent pictures.

Photo published by the profile


Comment made on the published photo


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