New search technology speeds up data collection for own Facebook pages

Real Time Update, a new technology Scup is adding to its tool, provides faster searches and identifies more mentions with authenticated searches made on Facebook pages. The technology even collects comments from past posts, which is great news! The new search is already available to all of Scup’s clients.

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With this technology your listening process will receive content more expediently, usually three minutes after it has been published. It also allows for the collection of a larger number of items, because it locates dark posts and does not limit the number of posts that are collected, allowing Scup to find all mentions made on posts regardless of when they were posted.

The only requirement is that searches be authenticated, in other words, the Real Time Update technology will only work on fan pages that are associated with the Scup account. This is because authenticated searches require authorization, so they can only be performed on pages you manage.

Scup authenticates searches automatically and the process does not, in any way, hinder data collection on Facebook or other social networks. By performing authenticated searches using Real Time Update technology, you are certain to collect everything that is said on your page.

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