How do I create a Dark Post search?

One of the search options in Scup is the Dark Post search.

Are you already familiar with it?

If you're currently running a search to pull up posts on your Fanpage, you must have already noticed that Dark Posts end up not being collected, and as a result, there is not collection of the comments made on this type of post.

What is a dark post?

Dark posts and be the simplest and most advantageous way of reaching the right audience for your brand, without filling up your page with repeat content. These posts are normally directed towards a specific audience, so they are not seen by just anyone. Because of this, this is not a post which can be considered public. Since it isn't public, there is a need to create a specific search on Scup that collects the post as well as comments on it.


How do I create this type of search?

Two steps are required. First, find the link of the post on Facebook: Then create a specific search for this link.

Here are some instructions:

First, identify the post you want to monitor and copy the link for it...


With the copied link, go on Scup and to Settings> Searches > Add new search and find the Post Comments and Shares option. Paste the copied link into the appropriate box.


From this point on, posts, comments, and shares for this item will be collected by Scup.


A nice little tip =)

Since this is a specific search, it will be possible to create a rule that puts the same tag on all of the posts comments. For example, let's suppose your company does a sponsored post on end-of-the-year parties and you want to analyze the comments of this specific post.

Go to Settings > Rules > Add new rule.

During the first step, you'll choose only this specific search for the search you want to analyze.

During the second step, you'll choose the percentage option and enter 100% of the items into the percentage box

For the third step, choose the Tag action and select a tag of your choice, like "end-of-the-year post".

From this moment on, all comments on the post in question will be collected already bearing the "end-of-the-year" tag, and you'll be able to set a filter for this specific tag in order to do a more thorough analysis of the repercussion of this post in particular.


Another cool little tip

With this search, you can monitor a single post on a Fanpage. For example, you can follow these steps to monitor a specific post on the competition's Fanpage in order to gain insight on their business by considering the comments made there.


Important - Please take note

  1. This type of search instantly analyzes the availability of the post on Facebook API If, for any reason, the post is not available on API, Scup will display a notification in red. In these cases, we suggest registering this search after a little while has passed.

  2. This search is automatically paused after 10 days; if you need it to run for a longer amount of time, you'll need to unpause it after this period of time.
  3. You can make a list of the posts that you want to monitor and create multiple searches at the same time by just clicking "add new search", and to finish, click Conclude.



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