Automatic updates to the Scup page


Have you seen the above warning in Scup?
It indicates that new items have been found in your project.
It's easy to view them, just Click here.

But in operations that receive a large number of new mentions all the time, is it really necessary to constantly click on this?

To solve this problem, some Scup clients have begun using an automatic update plugin.

The extension in questions is called Easy Auto Refresh and this only works when using Scup with the Google Chrome browser.

When you install the plugin you can define the period of time after which your Scup work page will update automatically.



And that's it! Now your Mentions tab will be continually updated without you wasting any time :)



- This extension only works if you use Scup with the Google Chrome browser.

- If you feel there is no need to install an extension that automatically refreshes your screen, do not install the extension.

- This extension is developed by third parties for use in Google Chrome and is not linked to Scup.


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