Facebook account registration or password change.

We need to change the password to our Facebook account. Will this affect the posting of messages on Facebook via Scup?

Yes, this will affect posting.

Don't worry, though!

Just do an Account Registration and you're set!


After changing your Facebook password, you will have to make a change in your Scup account. It's simple: under Settings> Accounts, create a new Facebook account with a new password. Otherwise, when you try to post something on Facebook via Scup, you'll get an error message requesting a review of the account due to a password inconsistency.



I am an administrator for monitoring created by email x@y.com and would like this to be forwarded to my personal email. What do I need to do?

Log into Scup with the email x@y.com and click Edit my Account. Simply fill in your new email on the screen that opens up, and, if you would like, change your password.



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