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What are retroactive mentions?

These are mentions collected by the system that precede the date the search was created. Scup does not guarantee that items posted before the search is created will be collected. Some retroactive mentions, however, may appear under monitoring the moment the search is registered.


What is a tag?

A tag previously registered under monitoring that can be applied to an item collected in the classification search. The tag organizes the results and allows for the analysis and filtering of the mentions collected.


Why does classifying mentions do?

You can attribute a sentiment to a mention as positive, negative, or neutral, as well as apply specific tags to each mention collected. Select the classification with your cursor and combine information.


What does the Mentions tab do for my project?

The Mentions tab lets you keep up on what's being said about your brand on social media; here, you can find all of the mentions collected from your monitoring and classify and attribute a sentiment.


Can I do a search of the results? What are the search types?

Yes, you can filter the result by keywords, tags, sentiment, mentions answered and unanswered, date of collection, display period, searches, descending posting date, ascending posting date, number of RTs, comments, and followers.


What is the profile and history button of a mention for?

This button compiles all of the mentions that the user or site made of the brand or words monitored and collected by Scup throughout the entire monitoring process.


Can I remove a mention?

Yes. Just click on the waste basket in the right-side corner of the mention.


How do I reply a mention?

To reply a mention, you need to have a Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ account registered with Scup. Then all you need to do is click Reply on the mention collected.


Can I send a DM on Twitter using Scup?

You can send DM on Twitter while on Scup. To do so, just add d after the profile without the @. For example, a DM to the profile @scup_ would be as follows: d scup_


What happens if two searches return the same mention?

One of the mentions will be ignored. That way, the information is recorded as unique, making for easier organization, monitoring, and generation of more accurate reports. Meanwhile, the ignored item from the searches will not be present in the specific stats for this search.

I noticed Scup has a URL shortener. Can I customize it for links from our brand exclusively?

Scup features a URL shortener to help with the posting of links ( It is not the focus of Scup to develop a comprehensive, customizable shortener with specific metrics. That means you can't customize with exclusive links or view specific graphs. In addition to the Scup shortener, you can also integrate the Google shortener ( and during monitoring and enjoy the results that they offer.


I've noticed that my instances of monitoring are collecting some results that I consider to be irrelevant. How do I correct this?

Scup is a listening tool that serves as an information proxy. That is, it runs a search on social media for all of the indications that you register for the search in the platform. If you register a really generic word like "express", your monitoring is definitely going to collect items with the expression "express kidnapping". In order to stop receiving this kind of mention, you can create a text rule to ignore items with the expression.


Does Scup let me compare what's being said about my brand and what's being said about my competition? What's the limited number of competitors that I can monitor?

You can create an instance of monitoring for your company and for as many competitors as you want. The number of instances of monitoring is not limited by the plan, but by the number of searches and items that you register. You can compare the results of your monitoring with the monitoring of your competition on the Reports > Monitoring Comparison. In order for this comparison to be more efficient, you need to create a classification scheme for the two instances of monitoring. This will lead to the generation of more - and better quality - information.


Why doesn't my monitoring collect posts from a certain profile on Twitter?

Some users are considered by Twitter to be spammers. Microblogs use different criteria to determine if a user is a spammer: lots of tweets with links, lots of tweets posted in a row, or spam reports. That's why Twitter blocks these profiles and why Scup can't capture the tweets of a user considered to be a spammer, because the microblog doesn't release the information.


What is the limited number of mentions that I can export on Scup?

You get unlimited exports on Scup, but if you delete more than half of the mentions from your plan, there will be a limit on the number of mentions that can be exported. Let's suppose you have a basic plan that collects 5000 mentions per month. If you delete 2501 items, the limit on exports will be 5000 mentions, or in other words, the maximum number of mentions your instance of monitoring collects.


Is there a limit on the number of Twitter accounts that can be registered under my project?

There is no limit on the number of account that can be registered on Scup. The same process carried out to register an account should be repeated for all of the others. To do this, go to the upper right corner and to Settings > Accounts > Add new Account. Using this process, whenever you reply to a post, you'll be able to choose which Twitter account you want to use to send the reply.


How do I monitor the wall of a fanpage on Facebook?

Go to Settings > Searches > Add new search and select the Facebook - Wall option. Next, copy the ID of the fanpage you want to monitor, paste it into the ID field of the page or user and add it to the search. For the page at the address, the ID is scupbrasil. For the page at the address, the ID is 228278270552021.


I have a general Twitter search with my profile name (example, @xxx). However, some of the mentions of my profile were not collected during monitoring. Why?

General Twitter searches do not return all of the mentions made of your profile directly, only those that contain the registered keywords. To collect all mentions made of your profile, you need to create a search for "mentions" on Twitter. To create this search, first you need to register your profile account (@xxx) under Settings > Accounts. Then go to Settings > Searches, select the Twitter - Mention option, and choose the account you want to monitor


We tried posting a message on Twitter via Scup, but we received an error message. Why? Have we gone over the daily posting limit on the microblog?

Every social media network has a limit on posts, and for Twitter, the limit is 1,000 posts per day, divided into half-hour intervals.  That is, you can send approximately 20 tweets every half hour. This number may vary, as tests were done in which it was possible to send more than 20 - but we need to consider input from Twitter. Whenever Twitter applies this block on posting, just approve the message again and it will be posted. Take care to not let a large amount of posts build up in the same time period. When Twitter sends it back, just click Approve.


How do I know who the collaborator was that classified or tagged a collected item?

One the lower right corner of every mention collection, there is a picture of a little gear. You can click this gear and select the option Item Activity. This tool is very useful the way it records all changes that a mention undergoes after the exact moment it is collected.


Is it possible to recovery the information of a deleted project?

It is not possible to recovery data which has been removed from the system. If an instance of monitoring is deleted, even by accident, all of the items collected will also be deleted from the database - there is no way to restore them. So, you need to be sure when confirming the deletion of an instance of monitoring.


How do I change the name of a project?

Go to the instance of monitoring you wish to change the name of and then to Settings > Monitoring.

From there, you can change the name of the instance of monitoring; just enter the new name and save.


I am an administrator for project created by email and would like this to be forwarded to my personal email. What do I need to do?

Log into Scup with the current email and click Edit My Account. Simply fill in your new email on the screen that opens up, and, if you would like, change your password.


What is the "Twitter Conversation" item? What information does it provide?

The "Twitter Conversation" lets you view the entire conversation between two users over Twitter. It's the equivalent of viewing all of the replies of a tweet on the social media network. It's important to remember that, seven days after collecting the post that led to the conversation (example: "I'm drinking some mighty cold soda pop"), it will no longer be possible to see the history of replies.


Below the item there is a symbol for the social network and some words - what do they mean?

This indicates the social network from which the mention was collected.


Why does Klout only show up in a few mentions?

That's because the Klout index is measured exclusively in Twitter searches.


How do I classify mentions in large numbers?

To classify mentions in large numbers, mark the check box of the mentions you want to classify and the options for tagging, indicating sentiments, clearing classification, and removing items (recycle bin) will be automatically shown at the top of the page. To select mentions to which none of the actions above are to be applied, mark the check boxes of the desired items.


Is the number of followers constantly updated?

The number of followers is registered at the time the mention is collected. If, one day, the user gains 100 followers, the number will not be updated; the new number of followers is only included when another mention is collected from this user The numbers of followers of old mentions will not be updated.


What is the "since Item collection" item?

This indicates how long ago the mention was collected. To view the exact date and time the mention was collected, draw your mouse over the term "since" and click.


I'm trying to delete a mention and no little recycling bin marker shows up.

It didn't show up cause your authorization level does not allow you to remove items. This action can only be taken by Managers and Administrators.


What's the difference between the posting date and the collection date?

The posting date is the time at which the mention was posted on the social media; the collection date is the date and time when the mention was captured by Scup.

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