What social media networks can I monitor with Scup?

Many ask which social media networks can be monitored using Scup.

Here is a summary of what's effectively collected form these media:


More important than the registration of keywords for a search is coming up with a strategy for what you want to collect. Another equally important point is paying attention to the logic of searches on each social media.

That said, let me go over each of the social media networks that Scup monitors and what the platform collects from each of them.


Search: Collects all mentions of the keyword on Twitter. The results found on Twitter are gathered.

Direct Messages: Collect Direct Messages to a Twitter user registered with Scup.

User: All mentions of Twitter user are collected.

Mentions: Collects all mentions of a particular user registered with Scup.



Search: Collects all public Google+ posts available for API.

Pages: Collects posts and comments made on a specific page.


Blog Search: Collects mentions on blogs indexed by Google that contain the specified keyword.

News: Collects news indexed by Google containing the specified keyword.


Page private messages: Collects all messages sent to a page registered with Scup.

Page, Group, User or Event: Collects all posts from a user's wall, page or group on Facebook

Comments and shares of a post: This type of search is for monitoring a specific post. It could be your page, a third party's page, or a dark post.



Firehose: Collects all mentions and posts that contain the specified keywords


Search: Videos that have the keyword in their title or in the description are collected.

Comments search: All comments on a specific video.

User: All videos embedded in a specific user's channel are collected.


Search: Photos that contain the keyword in their title or description. It works like searches on Flickr.

Reclame Aqui

Company: Complaints can be filed on the profile of a given company.


Feed: All posts from a specific blog through their RSS Feed.


Feed: Updates on any site that has an RSS Feed.


Search: Slides and documents with the registered keywords.


Groups: All posts from an open group on LinkdIn


Search: Videos that have the keyword in their title and/or in the description are collected.

User: All videos embedded in a specific user's channel are collected.


Tips: All comments from the registered ID location.


Place: Photos posted at a specific place are collected.

User Profile: Images posted and comments made by a specific profile.

Tags: We collect photos with the tags registered in the searches.



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