What is invalid authorization on Facebook?

You will sometimes see this notice during your monitoring


 What is this?

The authentication refers to the connection between Scup and Facebook. When you registered your Fanpage with Scup, you were required to enter your Facebook login and password. This is what allows Scup to see which Fanpages you manage so that you can choose which to have monitored.

This message may appear due to any of these three reasons:

1) Security-related loss of authentication. About every 60 days, Facebook removes the authentication for security purposes.

2) Password change. The password for the profile registered with Scup has been changed; when Scup tried to post on Facebook, it says that password is no longer the same and that authentication has been lost.

3) Temporary loss of authentication due to Facebook updates. In these cases, simply wait a few minutes and try again.

While the account is pending re-authentication, searches for private messages will not work, and it will not be possible to post any replies on Facebook using Scup.  


What should I do if this invalid authentication message appears?

Account re-authentication.

It's simple. Go to Settings > Accounts > Add new Account

If the Accounts option is not available to you, speak with the Scup manager at your company.

Ensure you are logged out of all other Facebook accounts.

Scup will ask for your Facebook login and password, just enter it in (normally it's your own login and password, since this link is required with your account so that, in the end, you can choose which Fanpage is to be connected) and choose the existing account so that this one registered with Scup is re-authenticated.

There is no need to delete the account that lost its authentication; when you add the new one, Scup will save over it.

Quick and simple.




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