How can I choose the right words to monitor?

Choosing the right keywords is very important to perform efficient monitoring. Some tips for choosing the best terms to search for your brand/product are provided below.

1. Group compound expressions using “” (quotes).

Instead of searching for globo tv, for example, use: "globo tv" with quotes. This prevents the return of expressions in which the word "tv" and the word "globo" appear separately.

Important: This feature does not work on Facebook searches. See how to set up this case here

2. Use a hyphen (-) before words you want to reject.*

If you want to search for "lula", but want to avoid items related to the former President of Brazil, you can search for lula -president.

3. Do not use strange logic.

Do not use strange expressions such as "I want a [car, motorcycle, plane]." If your intention was to search for "I want a car", "I want a motorcycle" or "I want a plane," this will not work. Perform 3 different searches.

4. Avoid common words

Be careful when monitoring words such as "today", "went", etc. They provide lots of results that do not relate to your brand and you will find it difficult to separate the trash from the mentions that really interest you.

Important: these techniques are only available in certain types of search.



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