How can I monitor Reclame Aqui in Scup?

Step by step, what you need to know to monitor one of the largest complaint channels on the Internet

Would you like to know what people say about your company in Reclame Aqui, one of the largest Brazilian online complaint channels?

You can monitor RA using Scup. To register a search in RA, go to Settings > Searches, then click on Add new search, select Reclame Aqui > Company and paste the link to your company's page on RA in the text box.


To get the link to your company's page on RA, write the company name in the Site search field, then select the Companies option, click Search, go to Indices and copy the URL of the page that opens.

The search on RA only works for company links. When you register this search in your project, all complaints made on the registered page will appear as a new item in the Mentions tab on Scup.

In addition to searching for your company's link, you can also access general results for the entire RA site through Google Alerts. To register Google Alerts searches, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to In the Search query field, fill in the data you would like to collect. How? For example: you are the owner of a watch factory called Time123 and want to monitor everything that is said about Time123 on Reclame Aqui. The following expression should be registered: Time123 Reclame Aqui.
  2. Next, in the Result Type field, select the All option.
  3. In the Frequency field, select the When available option; under How many, choose the All results option.
  4. In the Send field, choose the Feed option, and then click on Create alert.
  5. When the alert has been created, you will be directed to a management page. The RSS icon will then be shown. Clicking this icon will direct you to the Feed URL.
  6. To finish, select the Feed URL and register the Google Alerts search in Scup.


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