How to monitor Instagram via Scup

Instagram is an app that combines photo customization and social media. Using Instagram, people can share images with subject tags and display where the photo was taken, comment on other photos, and tag friends.

You get three types of search for monitoring Instagram with Scup: by tag, user profile, or place.

Learn more about these three search types.


Tag Search

What does it collect?

Photos that users post with the tag registered in your search.

How can I create this search?

a) Click on Settings> Searches > Add new search and select the option Instagram > Tags;

b) Register the tag you wish to monitor without the hashtag (pound sign - #).

Only one tag may be registered at a time, since Instagram searches do not accept operators;

c) And that's it! Your search has been registered and you will find the results from your search under the References tab. In the case of this example, images posted with the tag #nike.


User Profile Search

What does it collect?

You can collect photos and comments on images of a particular user with a registered Scup account.

How can I create this search?

a) Register your Instagram account with Scup using your account login and password under Settings > Accounts;
b) Go to Settings > Searches > Add new searches > Instagram >User Profile;
c) Under the References tab, monitor the photos that the registered profile posts and the comments they receive.

Check out some examples of user search results


Photo posted by the registered profile

 Comments on the posted image


Search by Location

What does it collect?

Using this type of search, you can collect images posted in the location of your choice.

How to create searches:

a) Go to Settings > Searches > Add new search > Instagram > Location;
b) Enter the city of the desired location;
c) Enter the name or address of the location you're looking for and await our suggestions;
d) Choose an option;
e) Indicate whether you only want photos taken in the selected location or within a 5 km radius;
f) Complete your search and see all of the photos posted at the location you selected under References.

Here's a reference gathered from a search done on photos taken at the Tour Eiffel:

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