Monitoring Tumblr

The latest news to hit Scup is that it´s now possible to monitor Tumblr. Learn about the
operators that can help your searches become more assertive.

A search on Tumblr is the same as Firehose. To monitor Tumblr, access Settings > Search>
Add new search> Tumblr (Firehose). The search will return the posts where keywords may or
may not appear - it´s possible to edit codes that aren´t visible on Tumblr, they may contain
keywords or monitored search terms.

Before creating a Tumblr search, you need to know which operators to use. Some operators
are universal, meaning, can be used for both Tumblr and Twitter searches. However, some are
unique to each social media, and it´s necessary to respect each operating logic.

These operations can be used together. It´s very important to create searches and wait a few
minutes to check the items that are collected for testing, check to see if the search is correct
and if the items correspond with the expected results.

Here are some examples:

I want to collect the search term “used car”, tag “used car”, exclude keyword “defective” and I
don´t want to see the results from my own user account ( It may seem
complicated at first, but you can use all of this logic in your search, without using rules. The
search would be similar to the example as follows:

“used car” OR #”used car” -”defective” -from:abcdeco

All of the operators are used in red:

“used car” OR #”used car” -”defective” -from:abcdeco

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