What is Klout?

Klout is a website that measures “influence”. Every time you create content or get involved in a discussion, you could be influencing other Internet users. Klout uses data from social media in order to measure how many people you influence, how much these people are influenced by you and the impact of your network of followers/friends. The higher your score (from 0 to 100), the more influential you are.

The website analyzes the influence a user has in social media by calculating interactions with people and not by how many followers or friends they have on the Internet.

This measurement is made based on 25 criteria, considering the individual's activity on the web, and from this, calculates their popularity in Klout. For example, it assesses whether your posts are interesting, how quickly someone retweets a message from you, and the influence you exert over your followers. You can often have a high score just by having someone important in your list. But for this to happen, the person in question must interact with you regularly. (Source: TechTudo)

In Scup, you can collect posts from users with a certain Klout score. To do this, at the time of creating the search, simply identify the minimum degree of influence (0 to 100) from which you would like to collect posts.

Example: scup klout_score:75


The following points should be noted:

• The Klout index is measured exclusively in Twitter searches.

• The index is an optional free add-on to Scup and the information provided is the sole responsibility of Klout.

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