How does Scup count retweets?

Lots of people are unsure of how the platform counts retweets. Twitter shows one number and Scup shows another. Why is this?

It may seem like a big deal, but it isn't. It is a very simple count that causes confusion because Twitter may show a different number of retweets from Scup.

This difference is due to two factors:

  1. Twitter only counts automatic retweets, that is, those in which the user clicked "retweet". In addition to automatic retweets, Scup also counts manual retweets. In this case, the number of retweets shown by Twitter may be LOWER than the number shown by Scup.
  2. Twitter shows the total number of automatic retweets, that is, the number from users with private profiles as well as users with public profiles. Scup only collects public retweets. In this case, the number of retweets shown by Twitter is GREATER than the number shown by Scup.

Now that we know how it works in theory, I'll explain in more practical terms with the help of some examples.

Let's take this tweet from @scup as an example.


There are two ways to retweet: I can click on "Retweet" (marked in yellow above) or copy all the text and tweet again with RT in front of the user name, as follows:

Twitter counts a retweet only when we click "Retweet". Scup, however, counts both of the above methods. So, if 10 users click on "Retweet" and 5 users rewrite the tweet, Twitter will show there are 10 retweets and Scup will show there are 15 (10 automatic + 5 manual).

P.S. Scup will show there were 15 retweets as long as the 10 automatic retweets were made by public profiles.

In other cases, Twitter can show a higher number of retweets than Scup. This happens because Scup only collects public retweets. Let's look at an example.

According to Twitter, my tweet shown above was retweeted 4 times. However, Scup shows that there were only 3 retweets.

In these cases, the difference occurs because Scup only collects posts made by public profiles. Since one of the retweets was made by a closed profile, Scup cannot collect it.



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