Why doesn't everything that is posted on Facebook appear in Scup?

I can see all the comments for a post on my Facebook wall, but Scup doesn't display all the items. Why?

Very occasionally, it is not possible for Scup to monitor all comments or posts from a Facebook profile or wall, even though they are public. And these can be clearly viewed on Facebook itself, whether on your wall or profile.

 Why is this? Didn't Scup want to collect this information? Is it our fault? Facebook witchcraft? Face Magic?

In fact, this is what we call "Facebook non-indexing"... with no offense intended. This bad word means that not everything that is posted on Facebook, whether on a wall or in a public profile, is indexed by social media.

As a result, if an item is not indexed, it will not go through the API and Scup will therefore not collect it.


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