Question: how do I register searches with more than one word on Facebook?

I would like to know how to perform searches using Scup of terms consisting of "car", for example, or words like "fruit salad" on Facebook. Otherwise, does anyone know to use variations like "dog| dogg| dawg" ?

Facebook no longer allows the use of some symbols, like quotation marks (" ") and bars ( | ), which made it easier to do searches on compound expressions (with more than one word) or register variations of the same word (example: Expression| Espression| Expretion).

Unfortunately, in the case of variations of a single word, there is no option for having them in the same search, so you'll need to create separate searches for each variation that you want to collect.

For compound searches involving more than one word (Example: New Cell Phones), rules were utilized to ensure that these expression are correctly collected.

Let's take a look at it step by step:

1- Register your Facebook search as usual, using the two works you want to search for. Search example : PAÇOCA AMOR.

(for cases of more than 2 words, it's important to see what the main ones are. Example: If you want to do a search on Flor de Laranjeira, just enter: FLOR LARANJEIRA.)

During the next step, you will use the Scup rules:

2- Click on Settings > Rules > Add New Rule.

As you will see, there are 4 steps to collecting exactly what you need. For step 1, only select the search that you want this rule to be applied to. In step 2, select the "Without the expression" search option. After selecting the "Without the expression" search option, register the exact expression you want to collect. (PAÇOCA AMOR). Then, click the + sign on the side of the box where you entered the text, which means you're including the expression in the search. Step 3: select the Ignore items option, and wrap up by selecting when (day and time) Scup should ignore these items


You just registered a search and a rule in which: Any mention collected by Scup that does not contain the registered expression (example: PAÇOCA AMOR) is to be ignored by Scup all day everyday and will not show up on your project.




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