What can you do with the percentage rules in Scup?

With the percentage rule, you only see a part of the mentions collected from a particular search.

By setting a percentage of mentions for each collection, you can get rid of lots of posts that would not be used.

Example: If your search collects 200 posts and your rule is 10% of the sample, only 20 random mentions will appear in your project.


If the expression you search for is too generic, you can create a rule to IGNORE 50% of the items, making Scup collect only 50% of what is posted.
You may want to work with a sample and collect everything. In this case, you can create a rule to tag 20% of the mentions. You collect everything that is said, but only 20% of the items will be given the Sample Tag, allowing you to filter.


How to create a percentage rule:


1 - Access your Scup monitoring and go to Settings > Rules.


2 - Click on Add New Rule.


3 - Select the search to which the rule should be applied and go to the next step.



4 - Select the By percentage option and enter the desired percentage.


5 - Select the action that should be taken in this rule: classify, apply tag, send alert or ignore items.


6 - Set the period in which the rule should be applied and conclude the process.

And that's it! Your percentage rule has now been created :)

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