Rules Creation

Rule registration system in Scup

Rules can be defined as automatic actions that the system performs based on criteria pre-registered by the user of the tool. Example: If you indicate in advance that all items containing the world "good" are to be classified as positive, the system will do so automatically. You can use the Scup rule system as follows:

  1. Log in to Scup and click on Settings > Rules > Add new rule.

  2. Select the searches to which you would like to apply rules. In this case, we chose to apply rules to all active searches. Click "Next Step".

* You can also apply rules to various different searches. Before, you could only choose ONE or ALL searches.


  1. Select the conditions you would like to apply to the items collected in the search. Note that in the example, we chose "CONTAINING THE EXACT EXPRESSION".
  2. Type the word you want to use – in the example, we use the word SCUP – then click the "+" sign to include it in your rule. Then, click "Next Step".

* You can also choose more than one condition at the same time, by simply clicking the "+" sign to add them.

  1. On this page, you choose the action you would like to apply to the rule. In this case, we chose that all mentions of the word "SCUP" are automatically POSITIVE. You can also choose whether or not to receive an e-mail alert every time the registered word is mentioned. In the example, we have chosen to receive this type of notification by clicking "SEND ALERT TO" and entering the e-mail in which we would like to receive the Alert. Click "Next Step".


  1. In the last step, you choose the Day and Time you would like the Rule to be active.
To optimize your time, you can duplicate rules in order to create new actions from parameters already configured.
To do this, go to Settings> Rules, and in the actions column, click Duplicate.


And that's it! Your rule is activated and will function correctly!


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