What are the Settings submenus used for?

What is the Settings tab for?

The Settings menu holds all the information required to set up your monitoring the way you want it. It provides the following options: Monitoring, Searches, Accounts, Operators, Tags, Rules, Tickets and Add-ons.


What are the Settings submenus used for?

Monitoring:  use this space to set up your monitoring, request reports, enable mixed sentiment, limit the number of mentions that are collected and enable the option to send strong passwords to operators. The Monitoring submenu is only available to the master email for the account.

Searches: create new searches and edit current searches

Accounts: register new social profiles.

Collaborator: add collaborators and set permission levels for each individual.

Tags: add new tags and view the settings for your current tags.

Rules: define the actions that the system should automatically follow.

Tickets: set metrics and SLAs for your central os costumer client care 

Automatic Sentiment: register your automatic sentiment classification in your monitoring

Add-ons: Additional functionalities added to the system interface.

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