How can I determine the time at which most comments are made about my brand?

With Scup reports, you can identify the times at which most people talk about your brand. This information is essential in order for teams to be prepared to respond to users in a prompt and personalized manner.

There is no rule to arrive at the "prime time" for mentions of a particular brand. Some say that you need to allow monitoring to run for at least a week. Others say that a period of four weeks is sufficient to provide a general idea of ​​the peak periods.

How can I identify the number of mentions collected in Scup per hour?

In Reports > Mention Analysis > General View, you can find the number of mentions collected in a given period of time. The default in Scup is to display the chart with the number of mentions collected per day, but you can change this to hourly, monthly and yearly.


To change the display to hourly, select the Time option, located in the Grouped by filter, on the right of the screen. Above the filter, make sure to select the day you would like to view the number of items collected per hour.

Filter to display data in the chart

After applying the filters, you will see the number of mentions collected each hour for the selected day.


To find out the exact number of mentions collected each hour, simply hover your mouse over the chart. 

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