Mention Analysis: upscaled graphics and word cloud

Our technology team's mission is to provide our users with an increasingly easy-to-use, comprehensive and powerful social networking tool. Last month, we worked on a series of new features toward this goal. Check out the new features Scup has just added.


Upscaled graphics: more informative and polished reports.  

There is a new look to the space where you analyze the result of all mentions collected in your monitoring, in Reports > Mention Analysis. All charts have been upscaled to make your reports more informative and polished.

In addition to visual improvements, the charts have been updated to facilitate viewing data from your monitoring operations. Some of these can be generated in two ways: using an absolute or proportional value. See below.

Overview chart for collected mentions in absolute values


Overview chart for collected mentions in percentages



By clicking on the "No Classification" icon, the overview chart for collected mentions will be shown in percentages, but with the mentions sorted by sentiment


Chart showing the participation of networks in the monitoring, in absolute values


Chart showing the participation of networks in the monitoring, in percentages


Word cloud: get insights from your monitoring through data visualization

Now you can make a word cloud with the words most frequently mentioned in a monitoring operation. It is very easy to do: in Reports > Mention Analysis > Most mentioned terms, just click on View word cloud in Wordle and you will be directed to a finished cloud with the most representative words from your project.


The word cloud can provide more information about your monitoring project in a visual manner and illustrate the most mentioned terms. In addition, using the information highlighted in the cloud, you can:

> Create rules in Scup for sentiment analysis and tagging, based on the most frequently mentioned words.

> Create tags identifying what is relevant to your analyses.

> In a crisis situation or when beginning a new monitoring project, this helps to see what is being said most often about your brand, to prevent crises or to identify the profiles that most frequently mention your company.

> The exclusion of words from your monitoring project can also be studied with the help of a word cloud. By doing so, you can identify terms that are not required for your results and create rules to exclude unwanted items or change searches.

New charts: more information for you to use in analysis 

Under Mention Analysis, you will see the gender chart.

The "Brand health" percentage represents the proportion of non-negative items in your monitoring. It is calculated from the sentiment of your mentions, as shown below:

          number of positive mentions + neutral mentions

            number of classified mentions



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